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Crescerium a community of creative freelancers, working individually but always connecting, collaborating, and growing. 

Welcome to Crescerium.

On this site you’ll find the digital home of creative projects and creative explorations of many different kinds. Our community includes artists, writers, educators, and designers. Our members work in different fields but share the same goals, work independently but connect together to find new opportunities. Our guiding principles are based on three “pillars”:


Some of the projects in Creserium are businesses, others are passion projects or random explorations. In every case, creative exploration is vital to the project.


The web allows creators to get organized and organize ideas in many different ways. For all of the projects here, organization is important.


Too often, technology can create shallowness and separation from each other. All of the projects here are created to deepen connection and bring people together.

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“Despite everything, I will rise again.”

- vincent van Gogh